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» It flew open with a frantic energy. The melodic figures glided majestically and everywhere, at times in a predictable manner, other times in a spasmodic way.« - makem in the baltic; Baltic Music Gems Blog

Nik Bohnenberger was born in Bech/Luxembourg on the 19th of January 1994. At the age of five, he began his musical education by taking up the French Horn. In 2009 he attended the Conservatory of Luxembourg where, along with horn and piano, he took classes in singing, chamber music, sight-reading, harmony, counterpoint and musical analysis. From 2013 to 2018 he studied music education at the University of Arts in Berlin with the main subjects horn and composition. After his pedagogical studies Bohnenberger started his composition studies with Elena Mendoza at the University of Arts in Berlin starting Octobre 2018.


He has worked several times with the Luxembourg Military Orchestra and has received commissions by 'Estro Armonico' ('Pyrphoros'; 2015), by the Centre of Contemporary Arts ('nuages vermeils'; 2016) and by the Bläserphilharmonie Aachen ('Energy Transformation'; 2017). In May 2017 his piece for sextuor 'impulsions et factures' was selected to be performed during the contemporary music festival 'Druskomanija' in Vilnius/Lithuania. In 2018, Bohnenberger composed the overture 'Festlechen Optakt' for the official celebration of the Luxembourg National Day which was premiered by the 'Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg'.



Since 2019, Bohnenberger has been trying to find a new approach between working as an independent composer and developing new styles and ideas. In his work he experiments with extended techniques, electroacoustics, intonation and musical theatre in pieces such as "puls|insomn|asystol" for tuba, bassoon, bass clarinet, percussion and fixed/ live media. He composed "Sollbruchstelle" (cl., sax., vla, vlc.) for the "Luxembourg Composition Academy 2020", premiered by "United Instruments of Lucilin" during the "rainy days" festival in November 2020 and "creatorni" (fixed media) and "contrahent" (piano) which were premiered at the "Mehrlicht!Musik" festival in December 2020.


In October 2021, an exceptional project by Bohnenberger was premiered: in ...aber wir sind lebendig... - a commission from the "Neuer Kammerchor Berlin" - he examines anti-Semitism in J.S. Bach's "Johannespassion". Based on texts by Jewish authors, he composed a piece for choir, baroque orchestra, soloists and sampler that cuts into the "Johannespassion", creating a new listening experience for this work.


In November 2021, Bohnenberger participated in the orchestra seminar organised by the Brandenburgische Staatsorchester Frankfurt/Oder with his piece "...und Peitsche". Bohnenberger is the co-founder of "Kollektiv Unruhe", a collective and ensemble for composers and performers which had its debut concert in September 2021.



C o m m i s s i o n s

  • Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg
  • Estro Armonico (Lux)
  • Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain (Lux)
  • Bläserphilharmonie Aachen (Ger)
  • Paul Hindemith Musikschule (Ger)
  • Neuer Kammerchor Berlin (Ger)
  • Kammerata Luxembourg (Lux)
  • rainy days festival Luxembourg


P u b l i c a t i o n s

Since 2013 his string orchestra, symphonic orchestra, chamber music and solo music are published at ''Luxembourg Music Publishers''. You can find the featured works here.