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» It flew open with a frantic energy. The melodic figures glided majestically and everywhere, at times in a predictable manner, other times in a spasmodic way.« - makem in the baltic; Baltic Music Gems Blog

Nik Bohnenberger was born in Luxembourg in 1994. At the age of five, he began his musical education by taking up the French Horn. In 2009 he attended the Conservatory of Luxembourg where, along with horn and piano, he took classes in singing, chamber music, sight-reading, harmony, counterpoint and musical analysis. From 2010 until 2013 he found early success as a composer for mainly symphonic wind orchestras and had multiple pieces premiered and recorded by the military orchestra of Luxembourg.


After he studied music pedagogy at the UdK Berlin from 2013-2018 he started studying composition with Elena Mendoza at the UdK Berlin, where he is now finishing his master's degree with Daniel Ott. He also received lessons from Carola Bauckholt, Matthew Shlomowitz, Franck Bedrossian and Clara Iannotta.


As a composer he has already worked with "Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg", "Brandenburgisches Staatsorchester Frankfurt-Oder", "United Instruments of Lucilin" and "The Present Vokalensemble". He has participated in the "Luxembourg Composition Academy" and the "impuls" Academy 2023 and festivals such as "rainy days", "ne(x)t generation", "Bauhausfest Dessau" and "Mixtur" Bohnenberger is co-founder of "Kollektiv Unruhe", a Berlin based collective for composers and instrumentalists who debuted this year at three festivals: "impuls Graz", "Darmstädter Ferienkurse", "Klangwerkstatt Berlin".


Bohnenberger's interests in composition lie inbetween his fascination for experimental instrumental and ensemble writing, his sometimes incorporated, sometimes independant electroacoustic works and his urge to find new theatrical and performative formats with an experimental intermediality: for d|ecken for instance, Bohnenberger constructed the stage design, some elements of the costume design, the video along with the technical and compositional sound elements to create an immersive performance experience.


C o m m i s s i o n s

  • Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg
  • Estro Armonico (Lux)
  • Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain (Lux)
  • Bläserphilharmonie Aachen (Ger)
  • Neuer Kammerchor Berlin (Ger)
  • Kammerata Luxembourg (Lux)
  • rainy days festival Luxembourg


P u b l i c a t i o n s

Since 2013 his string orchestra, symphonic orchestra, chamber music and solo music are published at ''Luxembourg Music Publishers''. You can find the featured works here.