Electronic Pieces



for 8 speakers and solo performance, composed for QuattroPole Music Prize, premiere 6.4.23 in Sendesaal SR Saarbrücken


installative performance in a self-built tent, premiered on the 2.3.23 in Theatersaal, UdK Bundesallee


d|ecken combines processes of the textile - graphic design, cutting out fabrics and sewing them together - with electro-acoustic experiments. The result is a walk-in instrument that combines the childlike concept of the blanket fort with the idea of the tent. The fabric panels of the installation form a semi-permeable layer between the inside and outside world. The interaction of textiles and electronics can be felt, seen and heard by the visitors themselves. Performance: Hannah Verena Caecilie, Eneko Lacalle Costume: Ayla Klink Video: Anna Petzer Recording: Jakob Böttcher



for 3 multidirectional sound-cube-speakers, composed for LABOR BEETHOVEN at Akademie der Künste Berlin

original premiere postponed due to Covid-19, premiered at Mehrlicht!Musik festival on 6th of Decembre 2020 in UdK Konzertsaal.


for 2 speakers (headphones required)

premiered at Rundgang UdK on 16th of July 2o20.