Since 2019 Nik works for Klangzeitort as a tutor and since 2023 as the course responsible for CROSSMODULATIONS along with Dustin Zorn.
Here you can find his major projects for Klangzeitort:




Zoom+Focus is the joint and self-organised semester concert by the composition students of the UdK Berlin and HfM Hanns Eisler Berlin, in which they present compositions that were created in the last semester. They will be performed together with and by instrumental students from both universities.


Instrumental and composition students from Udk and HfM meet in the crossmodulations practical seminar. By linking experimental live electronics and experimental instrumental playing, a joint musical practice is to be created. The students will explore alternative forms of playing instruments; the resulting sounds will be electronically processed live using setups they have developed themselves. The networks of acoustic and live electronic actions connect the musicians across media boundaries. The aim is to develop, explore and modify experimental and virtuoso playing situations together, without prior knowledge. The seminar concludes with a workshop concert. The focus of the course is on experimenting together and learning from each other.

Course leaders: Dustin Zorn, Nik Bohnenberger